Our Work-Utility

Our Work

List of recent Utility work

Cedar Rapids Well Water

Traffic Signals/Public utility:

For: City of Cedar Rapids

  • 1st Ave and Collins Road
  • 6th Street and 50th Street drive
  • 76th Ave and Kirkwood Blvd
  • Blairs Ferry and Ushers Ferry Temp Signal
  • 1st Ave to Twixt Town
  • 1st Ave from Collins to 40th Street
  • Wiley Blvd and 151
  • 16th Ave and Jacolyn Drive
  • Wiley Blvd and 20th Ave
  • Wiley Blvd and 31st Ave
  • Retro fit LED head Edgewood and Williams Blvd
  • 10th and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Ave
  • 42nd St and I380 to Wenig Rd
  • 1st Ave from 40th St to 27th
  • 2nd St from 15th Ave to 10th Ave
  • Edgewood Rd and Edgewood PKWY
  • Blairs Ferry and Miller Rd

For: City of Marion

  • South 11th Street
  • 44th and Highway 151
  • 10th Street and Tower Terrace
  • 10th Street and 29th Street
  • 7th Ave and 7th St Roundabout
  • 7th Ave and 26th St Roundabout
  • N 10th St and Tower Terrace Rd

Street Lighting both Cedar Rapids & Marion:

  • Boyson Road street lights
  • Prairie Hill Elementary parking lot lighting
  • Tower Terrace street lights
  • Medco Street lighting
  • 7th Ave Marion
  • South 11th Street
  • 2nd Street between 14th Ave 8th Ave
  • E Ave between Ellis and 13th